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Quote originally posted by Mochorro:
Hey, 1158, can you give any hints to where the sword is? I've been going all over the region looking for it (West and East Tyron + the Central Area), and I haven't had any luck. Is it in West Tyron, or East Tyron? In a city, in a Cave, in a route...?
It can be found in Eastern TYRON,and it can be found in a cave,also,you can't find it by Itemfinder.

Quote originally posted by kelweeny bear:
hey i downloaded the hack and just got the flame orb thing and was wondering when you can get dusk stones because i really want to evolve my lampent and if they arnt added i will go catch a houndour or something anyway thanks love the hack
You don't need a Dusk Stone,you only need to level it up with its happiness value at 220 during the night.
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