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Okay here are the questions:

1. What is the name of the new Eeveelution that was leaked from CoroCoro for the 6th Gen?

2. Was Gastrodon and Shellos planned to be released in the 3rd Gen?

3. What is the Pre-release (during Red and Green beta) name for Tentacruel?

4. What is the National Dex number of Roserade?

5. When Ash catches Palpitoad in episode 32 of Black and White,what pokemon does Cilan catch?

6. What pokemon startles May in episode 1 of the Advanced Generation series?

7. Does a pokemon in the middle of Dive get damaged more when Surf or Whirlpool is used?

8. What 4 HMs stay the same in ALL games?

Sorry if these questions were hard.
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