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Hello guys :D

I have an old Mew black star promo here and just wanted to make sure it is authentic. The thing is I am very good at identifying fake cards and I believe it to be real. However it has what looks to be like glossy plastic over it of some kind. I am not sure if someone added it like tape stuff or whether Wizards of the coast gave this card this finish or whether it does indicate that it could be fake. It has no signs what so ever that it is fake though other than that. Please take a look an see what you think:

Took these with flash to show the glossy stuff and notice on the edges where it kind of hangs over:

However notice that all the fonts are completely normal, everything is very clear and no typos which fakes have. also the back is totally normal with no extreme miss cuts or anything:

Anyone else have this on any old cards? and what are your opinions of this one? Would really appreciate it. thanks
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