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Nathan - Eterna City

Nath was now staring face to face with a dead body, with sick feelings in his stomach. No-one could see where he was as the abandoned house was far from the rest of the Eterna society. Knowing this he still was cautious about being here. He noticed that the beedrill spirit had now unfused from the dead person's body and had somehow vanished. There was nothing left of the guy. Nath searched his body for some form of identification, and he was successful. An old broken fountain pen had the name Carlos written on it, presumably the beedrill guy. He slipped the pen back into the pocket and stood up. He soon found himself down again as he slumped onto the floor with sigh. He was tired, and his efforts ad failed, perhaps if he slept for a little while he may feel better. Nath instantly fell asleep...


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