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There are still various differences between TMs and HMs. Most TMs don't have field effects (as far as I know only Dig and Flash), and HMs require badges to enable field effects.

I think it was an intelligent move because there are several evolutionary lines in which only the higher forms learned certain TMs, so you couldn't pass the moves. For example, Charmander can't learn Earthquake. If you wanted a Charizard with Earthquake, you had to spend the TM. It's quite telling that this specific TM had ways of getting multiple of it starting from Emerald (Pickup ability and Battle Frontier). Now they made it much better, although they did replace very useful moves from 4th gen with useless moves from 5th gen (hi Struggle Bug).

Also, what if you wanted to teach a TM to a legendary? The TM would be locked to that legendary and you'd have no way of getting another one.

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