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Chapter 3; Time to Rock
Adam Jenkins//Pewter City Outskirts
Lvl 17Lvl 12Lvl 8

“And here we go, freshly rested and energized.”

Adam jumped slightly in his seat, looking around the sterile environment of the Pokémon center lobby, his gaze turning to the nurse behind the counter who was beckoning him over, a Pikachu sitting on the counter aside a tray of three Pokéballs. He swiftly got up and hurried over to her, picking up the Pokéballs and tucking one of them away in his pocket.

“And they’re all healed up now? Even the Pikachus?”

The nurse giggled a little and nodded, glancing to the Pikachu sitting on the counter, who was watching the two with a confused look on its face. “Yes, even this one. I don’t know why you didn’t take it into your Pokéball, but we healed them all up. Have a nice day now.”

Adam smiled and nodded deeply in thanks to the nurse before moving over to an unoccupied bench. The Pokécenter was a little noisy, with trainers, Pokémon and nurses running back and forth, going about their business. The wild Pikachu skipped over and sat down in front of Adam, looking expectantly up at him. Smiling, he pulled up the Pokéball containing the off-colour Pikachu.

“It’s okay, I remember our deal. Ready to meet your friend again? Here we go.”

Pressing the button of the Pokéball twice, it first grew to ‘regular’ size, and then opened to let out the red light, which quickly formed into the orange-y Pikachu. It sat there, blinking for a few moments before looking around, rather jumpy. The other Pikachu ran over and tackled it to the ground with a loud squeak emitting from it as the two tumbled around on the floor for a few moments. Adam chuckled a little at the happy reunion between the two, crossing his arms over his chest and smiling.

The yellow Pikachu finally got off of the orange and stood in front of it as it squirmed around and got to its feet as well. They had a small conversation between the two, their ears bobbing and tails flicking before the orange Pikachu nuzzled its cheek against the yellow one’s, creating sparks between the red marks. Adam furrowed his brows lightly at the odd sign of affection. He could’ve sworn he’d read in a book somewhere that Pikachus only did that when…

Flicking out his Pokédex from his pocket, he opened it and aimed it at the yellow Pikachu at first, and then the orange one, his eyes widening a little in realization. “Wait… you’re a –girl-?” He looked up at the two Pikachus, who were now staring at him rather oddly, the orange a little more wary of him than the yellow, who seemed more relaxed, as Adam looked between the two with his jaw hanging slightly open.

“So… you two are… oh! Well, I’m even more happy that I did what I could now! I’m happy you got your mate back, Pikachu!” He gave a warm smile and knelt down in front of the two, drawing a few weird glances from the passing Pokémon trainers, young as well as old. “How about we get the two of you back home, mmh?” The orange Pikachu’s ears perked up and she let out a “Chhu!”, the yellow Pikachu nuzzling against the orange one’s side.

Adam smiled and nodded as he stood up, stretching out with a smile. “Then let’s get going! It’s gonna get dark soon, so we better hurry and get to the border of Viridian Forest before then.” And with that, he strode out of the Pokémon center with the two Pikachus following him, the yellow one clearly trying to make the orange one ease a little more up, and quite clearly very happy that he’d gotten his mate back.

As they reached the border of the looming forest, Adam came to a stop, placing his hands at his sides and smiling, turning his head to the side to watch the two Pikachus having idly strolled up to his side. They nuzzled one another again, which made Adam smile just a little brighter before turning to face them fully, taking in a breath of the warm air surrounding the forest and fields of southern Pewter.

“Well, I guess this is it. Ready to be released and go back to your life with mister Pikachu?”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the orange Pikachu’s Pokéball, kneeling down in front of the two. The orange Pikachu nodded and skipped a little forwards, but the yellow Pikachu seemed hesitant for a moment, though Adam didn’t notice as he was fiddling with the Pokéball, preparing to release it.

“Pika pi, pi-pikachu!”

Adam blinked in surprise and looked to the yellow one, along with the orange one, looking just as startled. The male Pikachu skipped up to the orange one and began squeaking out to it, muttering lowly, as the orange one began responding, seeming worried. He watched them back-and-forth for a while, squeaking, muttering, their tails flicking, ears raising and lowering and their little arms waving about as they ‘spoke’ to each other.

Eventually, the orange one let out a little mewl, shifting closer to stroke her head against the yellow’s chin, both Pokémon’s cheeks giving off a little spark. The yellow one then skipped up to Adam and began gesturing towards the Pokéball and then to himself.

“… You want me to catch –you-? And bring you with me?” Adam sounded confused. He had expected to just let the orange one go and let the two head off and enjoy… well, life, on their own. But from what this Pikachu was getting at, it seemed pretty clear what he wanted, and why.

“It’s because you want to… repay me for helping?” “Pika, chu.” He nodded.

“… Are you sure? It might be a long time before you can see your mate again.” The Pikachu’s ears lowered a little as he looked back at the orange one, which skipped up to him and squeaked out, placing her little paw on his shoulder. The two shared a little nuzzle before the yellow one nodded his head. “Chu!”

Adam went silent for a little while, contemplating what was being offered to him. He wasn’t happy about taking away a Pokémon from its family, but the Pikachu seemed pretty intent on repaying its debt. Eventually Adam gave a smile, putting away the Pokéball. “Alright, how about a deal?” The Pikachu tilted his head slightly. “… Pika?”

“You help me out for a little while, and as a thank you, I won’t release your mate until you come back here. That way, no other trainer can catch her, and you won’t have to worry about her being caught. How’s that for a deal?”

The Pikachu’s ears raised and he let out a “Pi-Pika pi!” before nodding firmly. Adam smiled and nodded, pushing himself to a stand. “I’ll let you two say bye, then. And I promise, we’ll be back as –soon- as we can, miss Pikachu. You have my word.” The Orange Pikachu gave out a squeak, seemingly impressed with how nice of a person Adam was, before the two Pikachu turned to one another, starting off by murmuring among each other, and ending up tumbling around in the grass playfully.

A short while later, the yellow Pikachu skipped over to where Adam was standing, waiting for them to finish up. Adam looked from him, and over to the orange Pikachu, sitting in the grass nearby, staring after the two. He looked down to him and smiled lightly. “All ready to head off, comrade?” “Pik.” He replied, nodding firmly. “Alright then. Let’s make it official.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out an unused Pokéball, lowering himself down to offer it to the Pikachu. It tapped the front of it with its paw and was transformed into the red light and sucked into the ball, immediately capturing it. Adam then opened the ball and let him out again, tucking the ball away in his pocket. “Welcome to the team, Pikachu! We’ll think of a name for you on the way back to Pewter, mmh? I think you’ll like it here, with Stomps, Blair and me.”

With a light grin, he stood up and looked to the slightly sad-looking, orange Pikachu sitting off in the distance, raising a hand to give it a wave. “I’ll take good care of him, promise!” The male Pikachu turned and sent a current of electricity into the air, crying out “Chhhhuuu!”. The female Pikachu sent one of her own before turning and skipping off into the forest.

Adam smiled to himself, feeling good about what had happened as he turned, and, followed by his new, if only temporary friend, headed back towards Pewter, already running through different kind of names for his new buddy. “So, what do you think of… Dean?” “… Pika.” “Hmh. Brick?” “Chu!” “Alright, alright… what about… Buzz?” “… Pika.” Adam chuckled and nodded with a smile as the Pikachu lept up along his trouser’s leg and placed himself on his backpack, where he rested his upper body on top of Adam’s hat for a rest.

“Buzz it is.”
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