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I use most of them. I don't like using a set team, but prefer rotating through a fairly broad pool of them, just using whatever seems appropriate for whatever I'm doing at the moment.

Generally, I like anything that's particularly good at what it does, and good because it's designed and balanced well - not just good because it has uber stats. Uber bores me.

Mienshao is a good example. Between high attack, low defenses, Jump Kick, U-Turn and Regenerator, it's a great, well-balanced, interesting design. It hits hard and fast, but it has to, since it can't take hits very well. And since it not only takes damage if its Jump Kicks miss, but a fair amount of it, it sometimes needs to not only run to safety, but to get healed along the way, and U-Turn and Regenerator are perfect for that. The result is a great pokemon, and great because of the balance of its stats and moves and ability - not just because it has big numbers.
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