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Wolf and Lili, next time you have an argument please don't do that here c: and don't worry, there is no way Solo and Frio get away with it. (no offense eve and Khawill xD)

Where am I going with this RP? :/ was that criticism as in "nothing is really happening and nothing makes sense"? Anyways, the real story will start in Ryuu's next post, and you'll like the idea I hope. If it wasn't criticism and you meant you are curious to how this roleplay will end, it's a big secret I won't reveal to anyone (not even in exchange for cherry cola)

And yes, I spended weeks on this Roleplay just perfectionating and adding things to the story, at the end rewriting it. It also took me awhile to learn the BB codes xD

SD- I somehow knew it would be Fang from unchained blades xD
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