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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
The point of the debate was, "because hero came to stop super villain from continuing what super villain was doing that caused hero to act, does that alone attract more super villains?" It's like that attract more bees with honey idiom, but in this case the bees are the villains and the honey is the superhero. I feel the topic wasn't really brushed up on by many people.
I'm sure in some cases it will attract other super villains, who are probably much worse. But I have issue with the 'does more harm than good' part, because taking the hero out of the picture doesn't mean the baddies will drop what their doing, going back again to The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises bit on the Joker as an example. Just by existing in Gotham, Batman attracted the ire of the mob, who in turn unleashed the Joker onto Gotham City, a far worse evil than the mob itself. But without Batman, the entire city would have been lost before the Joker even got there, because Ras Al Ghul would have destroyed it.
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