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MY Record: Partner is Hyperbeem
won Vs Rainbow Arcanine(randbat) +
lost vs Golurk(challenge cup)(dang useless wynaut)
won vs Golurk(Challenge Cup)
lost vs Lapras(V-day double) -
lost vs Wolf(dat Gligar)(Randbat)-
lost vs Wolf(randbat)-
won vs Chocolatecrunch(randbat)
wom vs ChocolateCrunch(randbat)
lost vs Chocolate Crunch(randbat)
lost vs wolf(randbat)
lost vs Ozzy(randbat)
won vs doronjo(randbat)
won vs doronjo(randbat)
lost vs doronjo(valentine venture)
won vs wolf(random)
won vs Weighty
lost vs wolf(ranbat)
lost vs wolf

Record: 8-10

Showdown | The Treehouse | AMA
[22:04] +shaymin: so i tried to do my best morgan freeman impression and i kinda scared myself