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I did it! It is midnight as I am writing this, which means I finished my challenge by Valentines Day! Most of the E4 were not too difficult, but I did come very close to losing against Tybalt at the end. In the end, Romeo came out victorious! Now I can work on some other challenges...

Final Team:

Rosie (Venusaur F)
The Flower
Lvl 48, Hardy
-Sunny Day
-Leech Seed
-Sleep Power

Kagura (Nidoqueen F)
The Duo
Lvl 49, Relaxed
-Rock Slide
-Shadow Ball

Griffy (Lapras F)
The Valentine
Lvl 50, Rash
-Ice Beam
-Rain Dance

Benvolio (Ninetales M)
The Attraction
Lvl 48, Modest
-Fire Blast

Steve (Jolteon M)
The Gift
Lvl 50, Timid
-Shock Wave
-Thunder Wave
-Double Team

Luke (Slowbro M)
The Pink
Lvl 50, Gentle
-Calm Mind

Good luck everyone still playing the challenge! There were a few headaches and hiccups, but overall I enjoyed playing this challenge!