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Originally Posted by Kurono View Post
No, definitely not.

for the most part Screamo is emo rock bands
Screamo is essentially hardcore punk-influenced emo.

Also, before anyone asks, NO, screamo is not related to metal in any way.

These answers are one of the few things Yahoo answers got right:


Ignorant teenagers think any type of band that uses any type of "unclean" vocals is screamo because to them, it's "screaming". They probably heard some death metal band and since death metal is abundant with growls they think its screamo because of the vocals.

One time some kid on youtube said "screamo music is when someone screams in the song"

The idiocy of todays youth makes me sad, it makes me want to be 28
For some reason screaming vocals have been attributed to metal by many people, when it is actually a punk trait. The harsh vocals that are found in metal are usually just growls or shrieks, not actual screaming as such. People just dont seem to realize that metal is a genre defined by the instrumentation, vocal style does not matter. You can scream all you want, but unless you use heavily distorted guitars, and just a general heaviness to the music then it isnt metal.

The aggression of hardcore, screamo etc is found in the vocals, while in metal it is the instrumental sound. Alot of people assume that vocal aggression automatically means its metal.
I hope you all learned something today and I hope you no longer equate "screamo" with metal. My blood pressure thanks you for your attention.
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