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Originally Posted by M-ourad View Post
So where this beta ends?? and I AM STILL WAITING THE NEXT!!!!! :'( :'(
It ends after the first island badge.

Originally Posted by AmazingCharizard View Post
Where/how can you actually catch Moltrees/Articuno/Zapdos? Haven´t met them yet though I´m sure they´re in caves with an blocked entrance...
You need to have Yellow, Blue and Red Flutes and put them into Pedestals west from Cherrygrove (I guess) and then they will be available on their FR locations.

Originally Posted by ISNorden View Post
A few game-play questions here; please forgive me if I seem clueless--

  1. I just got a TM from a resident of Violet City; how do I teach a specific Pokémon the move it contains?
  2. Is there a way for the player to access the bag when he's NOT in battle or at a Pokémon Center? Otherwise, items like the Escape Rope seem pointless.
  3. I know the Unown in the Ruins of Alph are supposed to spell something important, but the few I recognize in the background art seem random (and one looks more like a number than a letter IMO). Could someone please give me a hint?
If anyone can help with these problems, I'd appreciate that a lot. Many thanks!

EDITED TO ADD: I'm playing Version 3.1 of Liquid Crystal, on the latest version of Visual Boy Advance (if that makes any difference technically). If you need the keys I chose for a "joypad configuration", please ask; for some odd reason, the keys I chose for Left/Right buttons don't work.
Um... you open the bag with Enter and use the TM... there should be nothing wrong...
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