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Originally Posted by SolarAbusoru View Post
No thank you, there is absolutely no need for a brand new type, it hasn't happened again after gen 2, so no chance whatsoever of it happening again.
Also, as Shengar said, Dark type isn't named as such cause of a dark element, it's named as such because of its basis on Fighting dirty and cheating, in which case the polar opposite of Dark is its weakness, Fighting type, which is based on fair and honourable combat. Not Light.
What about Dark Pulse and Dark Void?

Originally Posted by shengar View Post
Nah-ah. Dark Type in Japanese named as "akuma" or "evil" type. Mos move of Dark type are being pragmatic or cheating. Only few (and most of them being special moves) dark type moves involve the "element" of darkness at all.

I'm no longer against new type despite the meta match-up is still broken. Like Grass and rock have too many weaknesses and not so useful advantages, while electric have only one weakness. But to said that Light type should exist just because we have "Dark" wouldn't cut it. That argument have already being said thousand before and never really like it.
They are represented as evil and Dark spirited. Of course the Pokémon with this typing would naturally behave mischievously, which is why a.majority of the moves are that way, but there are plenty Pokémon that represent itbm in a more sinister way. Like Spiritomb and Darkrai. Light would simply represent holiness and purity. But just as Dark involves literal darkness with moves like Dark Void and Dark Pulse, Light Type would have its literal moments too.

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