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Originally Posted by *Shiny*Monster0198 View Post
If they're thinking of creating new types, they should find a type that nerfs the other ones imo.
What I mean is finding something to counter steel and dragon types, but also taking effective damage from types that aren't particularly good at coverage such as grass and poison types - although I guess that they could just create new pokemon that are probably gonna be used alot and fulfill this reason.
I think that both Dragon and Steel is already fine as they are. Steel are supposed to be the defensive type anyway while most of them still have weakness against either Fire or Ground. Fire and Ground are common offensive type.
The same goes with dragon too. Their resistance and weakness are balanced and as far as I know there is no match up type that could render them without weakness.

Originally Posted by Haza View Post
What about Dark Pulse and Dark Void?

They are represented as evil and Dark spirited. Of course the Pokémon with this typing would naturally behave mischievously, which is why a.majority of the moves are that way, but there are plenty Pokémon that represent itbm in a more sinister way. Like Spiritomb and Darkrai. Light would simply represent holiness and purity. But just as Dark involves literal darkness with moves like Dark Void and Dark Pulse, Light Type would have its literal moments too.
I think SolarAbusoru have already address it better than me
Originally Posted by SolarAbusoru View Post
No thank you, there is absolutely no need for a brand new type, it hasn't happened again after gen 2, so no chance whatsoever of it happening again.
Also, as Shengar said, Dark type isn't named as such cause of a dark element, it's named as such because of its basis on Fighting dirty and cheating, in which case the polar opposite of Dark is its weakness, Fighting type, which is based on fair and honourable combat. Not Light.
We come back again to "dark" type original meaning in Japanese that known as "Akuma" or "evil". And as addressed by SolarAbusoru here, their "evilness" are counterpart to Fighting type whose represent "code of honour" or something like that.

Light being represent holiness and purity also too shallow. Those who use anime canon and Pokedex entry canon knows that Darkrai is only blessed with suck as it doesn't really have intention of harm others. And those "holiness and purity" being, which I could say that perfect that image nicely, Cresselia, is Psychic type. Ho-Oh, the pokemon that supposed to be holy is Fire/Flying type as well.

Its already been demonstrated by Generation V Black/White that the argument "There is dark, then there should be light as well" won't cut it. While it is more plausible and much more fitting that Reshiram and Zekrom are Light and Dark type respectively, they didn't do it.

Edit: And yeah, about Dark Pulse
The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts. It may also make the target flinch.
I correct myself that even Dark Pulse isn't even involve any dark "element" at all. It like Psychic, only it is murk and contaminating your mind instead of crushing.

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