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Hiya, since the only MTG thread on PC in existence is basically dead, I thought I'd start an offshoot. I mean, why have only one MTG thread, and a bunch of yugioh threads? It doesn't seem fair haha.

With the release of Gatecrash, I took it upon myself to make the best R/G deck I could, using Gruul cards, and other nice red or green cards I've come across in today's standard format.

Stavi's R/G Smash Face

Creatures: 24
x4 Ghor-Clan Rampager (Gatecrash)
x3 Rubblehulk (Gatecrash)
x2 Burning-Tree Emissary (Gatecrash)
x2 Lightning Mauler (Avacyn Restored)
x2 Strangleroot Geist (Dark Ascension)
x2 Elvish Visionary (M13)
x2 Archwing Dragon (Avacyn Restored)
x2 Wasteland Viper (Gatecrash)
x2 Slaughterhorn (Gatecrash)
x1 Hound of Griselbrand (Avacyn Restored)
x1 Vorapede (Dark Ascension)
x1 Mayor of Avabruck/Howlpack Alpha (Innistrad)

Instants: 13
x3 Pit Fight (Gatecrash)
x2 Signal the Clans (Gatecrash)
x2 Wildwood Rebirth (Gatecrash)
x2 Naturalize (Gatecrash)
x2 Searing Spear (M13)
x1 Fog (M13)
x1 Volcanic Geyser (M13)

Enchantments: 4
x2 Madcap Skills (Gatecrash)
x2 Rancor (M13)

Lands: 19
x8 Mountain (Zendikar)
x7 Forest (Return to Ravnica)
x4 Gruul Guildgate (Gatecrash)

Although it's not the greatest deck by far, it does work when I need it to, and I've beaten the majority of my friends with their standard decks.

I plan on replacing some land, of course the guildgates, I just need to find Stomping Grounds and Rootbound Crags.
I'm also trying to make all basic land in my deck Zendikar full art land, I already have all the mountains set, I just need to find forests. My deck is very creature heavy simply because of Bloodrush, my favorite mechanic by far.

So what does your best deck look like? Any format, it doesn't matter.
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