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Quote originally posted by Patchisou Yutohru:
Well, of course heroes rise to the occasion because villains are causing problems in their societies (granted there are other reasons more prominent to them than that for choosing to become a super hero in the first place), but in most of these replies, the main arguments are "super villain was there, so hero came to stop super villain from continuing what super villain was doing." But that really wasn't the point of the debate, because that's pretty much something that]s a given. The point of the debate was, "because hero came to stop super villain from continuing what super villain was doing that caused hero to act, does that alone attract more super villains?" It's like that attract more bees with honey idiom, but in this case the bees are the villains and the honey is the superhero. I feel the topic wasn't really brushed up on by many people.

I would say it depends on the super villains. Because not every villains got the same mentality. Some would wanna become super villains so that regular people would be easy to get rid off and make their evil doings much more easier. But then we have the attention seeking criminals that would want to have super powers to get rid of the superhero that is protecting the city, and get attention saying 'Hey look at me, I defeated your beloved superhero'.

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