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When I was a kid, me and a friend trained level 100 teams to battle each other. My first team was on Pokémon Blue, I can't remember exactly which Pokémon I had, but I'm sure I had a Kabutops, a Ninetales, a Mewtwo, an Articuno... I don't remember the rest. I did it again in Yellow, and I'm sure my team had the four starters, but I don't remember the remaining two. We also did this for Gen 2 games. Yup, I spent a lot of time on training all level 100 teams :) .

In more recent news, I've been replaying Gen 3 for the last few weeks. I've been using Pokémon XD to level up some Pokémon I needed for single player by giving them an Exp Share and battling with Lugia and Dragonite on Mt. Battle. Soon enough, both Lugia and Dragonite grew to the level 100 :) . They're in my Emerald cart now.

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