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The story is acceptable. I like fangames that take a new approach to the story in different ways. It makes the game feel fresh, instead of the regular,"beat gyms -> fight evil team -> fight more gyms".The idea about fighting "leaders" instead of gym leaders is also pretty good. This creates a more over-arching plot which actually leads the player into a goal, rather than having multiple plots which just get in the way. Definitely love the idea about how your rival takes on the matter. It kinda develops his character as an offset hero while the player is what you would normally expect out of a silent protagonist.

Story-wise, I kinda it. Making the evil team brain-washing Pokemon is getting kinda stale, and add to the fact that some Pokemon games have already done it before, such as the Pokemon Coliseum series and alot of movies. But I wouldn't say that should hinder or stop what your doing with your game. If you execute the story pretty well then I don't think anyone would really care.

What gets me though is your starters. Normally, all the Pokemon games have starters that evolve into a type. That means that it shouldn't be visible of what secondary typing they get when they're still unevolved. This is concerning the grasshopper idea you have which, in my opinion, kinda falls short on expectations on his last evolution, since its already known what he'll be or is. The water snake is less of a problem, but every starter to date has amrs and legs,(or 4 legs). So I suggest to either make him with arms/legs or think of a new design. Nothing is wrong with the fire hyena though, and I kinda would like to see how he'll turn out!

And remember that this all is really my opinion. You don't have to listen to what I said

About the last part of your post, I suggest to start out with Pokemon Essentials if your new to this sorta thing. And I kinda wanted to see what its like working on a team, so if you want I can help designing fakes for you. I'll send some examples of what I've done if you want.

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