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Glad to hear you like the map. I find it gruesome making them as texturing isn't the most fun to me, but if people are liking it then I guess I can't complain.

I'll try to address each suggestion as best I can at the moment. Remember that everything is always subject to change, though.

  • Type weaknesses are already in game and work, there just aren't any super/not very effective moves yet as it's just Charmander and Pikachu. The next update will have Bulbasaur and Squirtle though, so expect to see it around then.
  • Status conditions are also already in, but we are going to add an icon to make it more apparent. Right now it's just burn and paralyze.
  • We're definitely talking about destructible environments. I made a Dragon Ball Z game first so it's something I'm familiar with. I think you'll all be surprised at the amount of depth we have planned for the environments though (burning grass & trees, breaking rocks, etc.), so that's something to look forward to.
  • With control, we're going for a very action heavy combat system, so movement has to be available at all times. Another reason is to emphasize that the trainer is controlling the Pokemon, so complete movement would sort of put them on the same level where as we want more focus on the trainer than in the gb games.

    Obviously with this RTS style of gameplay it may seem limiting at first glance, but the alternative would be worse. I tested WASD out, and the problem there is that using WASD and pressing 1234 slows down the gameplay to a more static type of movement similar to an MMO. The solution in the next update is that there's a lock-on button Q/Middle Mouse Button/Clicking an Enemy that can be toggled to lock the camera on or off. If it's off, it will still use the RTS movement, but you'll be able to rotate the camera in any direction with the mouse. We're going to do some tests, but that should balance out movement enough.

As for those bugs, I'll squash'm as soon as I can. The suggestions are really helpful, especially ones as in-depth as that, so thanks, really. We're trying to compile a list of the things planned for update 2, along with a release date, so hold tight.