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∣ Kiba Kurokokoro

Chapter Zero: Part Zero

Name: Kiba Kurokokoro
Age: 18 (Now aged by roughly one year since his disappearance)
Sex: Male
B.Type: Meta / Tera (Skill and Strategy, Use of Surroundings)

Appearance: His hair has been cut shorter, he now wears a new shirt and shorts, all black with indigo details. He's notably muscular, looking less scrawny this time around. He also wears glasses now, and is pale, slightly more so since his last appearance. Otherwise, his facial features and height show that he has aged an entire year.

Name: Ki
Species: Lucario
Sex: Male

Name: "Z"
Species: Gardevoir
Sex: Female

Name: Amber
Species: Flareon
Sex: Female


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