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Irek turned his head as did Shadoan. a few moments passed as he got up. "Kiba?... Is it you?" He walked towards him and poked his fore head as Kiba blinked in response. "... Blazing Moltres... It is..." It took him a few moments before Jev slugged him on in the leg. "WHERE THE **** WERE YOU?! THESE TWO HAVE SEARCHED ALL OVER THE BACK FLIPPING LOFT, CALLED YOUR GYRO GEAR!-" Light and stella try to pull him back. "AND YOU CAUSED THE WALKING CAMPFIRE TO LOOSE HIS MATE!!! HIS GIRLFRIEND MAN! SHE BROKE UP WITH HIM TO LOOK FOR YOU!!! YOU SON OF A-" Irek shoves a thick Oran berry into Jev's mouth and pushes him onto his back. "Jev; shut up. We don't even know what he's been through." Irek turned back to shadoan with a sigh as he trotted forward. "I think that wine would be satisfactory to know he's safe. Wouldn't hurt to celebrate a little." Shadoan chuckled and hugged Kiba briefly and pulled him over near the campfire. "Jack, I suggest you lean over to your left, we have a guest..." Shadoan tells him as he took his arm and pulled it out to inspect it. "Wheres your Gyro gear? We tried calling you when we left the loft."

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