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Originally Posted by tImE View Post
I return, with my newly updated Cerulean City.
It has been updated with regards to comments here and on DeviantART.
Since you aren't basing this as closely to Cerulean as FR/LG did to R/B/G I'll just imagine this as a regular town/city map.

This is a very well developed map in comparison to your last one, I think the inclusion of pavement was a good choice it shows this is a city not just some small town with a gym, your detail to levels is very well done especially around Cerulean cave which could have had a different colour palette but meh...

I'm not so sure about the change at the bottom of the map where there is the lower section I would've thought it was elevated. It does bring shape into question for me, it doesn't seem to entirely work to its finest.

The North-East section is excellent, whether you will permit any access to that darker water or not in Route 25 wouldn't faze me in the slightest it would open up more opportunities I guess but you don't have to.

This map has two things I don't like. The first is the 4th Gen guards being there. Whether you wanted female guards as to follow with Kanto's major police force or not. Though if you had updated them to 5th Gen with the rest of the map would've been nice. The second one is that Western entrance/exit, I'm not sure what you were exactly going for but if there was more separation between the Dirt path and the Road would've been better or if you melded the two together. Overall this map is significantly better than your last Cerulean Map and if you chose to keep this map as is that would still be great. 9.98/10

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