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Because wynaut? xD
Name: Pika, Kit, Kitten, Pikakitten, PikakittenX, PK, PKX, etc. xD
Pair: Regular Pair, I'd prefer a female though xD
Gender: Male (S)

I'm 14, live in Colorado Springs, in 9th grade (freshman), used to play the clarinet, love science, cats, drawing, computers and music. Biology is my current science class, and my favorite. I had 2 cats, it's a long story, rather not talk about it, but my 2 cats were what turned me into a cat fanatic xD That's why I'm PikaKITTEN xD. My dad was an artist, so I guess I'm following his shadow xD I can read, speak and write in binary (speaking it takes to long though xD) I'm a spriter, might've seen my shop here, up to 13 pages! xD I ROM Hack, and will maybe try learning Java programming language over the summer. I sing occasionally, a fan on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and a LOT more but I'll just let you find out the rest ;)

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