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Fourth update on Poison Challange:
-done all stuff on the One, Two and Three Islands
-at Two Island teached Zaurus Frenzy Plant
-went back to Mt. Moon to collect Tinymushroms
-went to Two Island to Move Maniac to teach Miss Haunt Hypnosis
-went to Saffron City, beat Sabrina and obtained the 7th badge
-went to Viridian city, beat Giovanni, obtained the last badge

My actual team:

Stinger (Beedrill) lv45
-Pin Missle
-Focus Energy

Octto (Tentacruel) lv46

Miss Haunt (Haunter) lv44
-Shadow Punch
-Night Shade
-Dream Eater

Zaurus (Venusaur) lv46
-Razor Leaf
-Sleep Powder
-Frenzy Plant
-Leech Seed

Dino King (Nidoking) lv44
-Double Kick

Sorry for no images in my posts, but i can't post any before i got 15 posts, so... you have to belive me that i have this team.