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AlexOzzyCake made an interesting point:
I was having quite an in-depth conversation about this last night with a friend and we came up with the following assumptions:
Based on large amounts of evidence so far, Sylveon is based on the creatures known as Sylphs.
Sylphs are known as creatures of air, making Sylveon a Flying type.
Sylphs are historically only female, meaning that Sylveon is likely to be a female-only evolution of Eevee.
This implies that there must be a male counter-part to avoid having to introduce two new types of evolution!
As the new types introduced are usually opposites of each other, what could be better as an opposite to Flying than a Ground type?
A bulky wall-like male Ground type eeveelution would rival the speedy (sylphs are very fast!) and nimble Flying type Sylveon perfectly.
Thoughts? :D
That sounds reasonable to me.