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Quote originally posted by Megaman765:
I usually put it into word pad and copy and past it from there. Make sure word wrap it again also. That's usually what causes the extra spaces. Its annoying I know but that's how I've managed to do it.

I'll have to try that. Thanks! :D

Quote originally posted by NecrumWarrior:
@Kawaii Maybe there's a picture size limit, but the only one I saw when reading the rules for signatures is the one that says it can't excede 1 megabyte. No real dimension restrictions. But I know that signatures as a whole can only total to 600x350. Maybe if you don't use the signature upload and upload instead to an external image hosting site, then copy/paste the picture into your signature space.

Might have to check it out. Know any good external image sites though? I'm a little leery about using some of them because I don't want to give my new lap top any viruses >.<

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