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1. - Banette: I'd love stalking some child for dumping me. He had it coming for him.

2. - Slowpoke: I'd love being so lazy always, and having a legit excuse for it.

3. - Snorlax: Same reason as for Slowpoke.

4. - Bulbasaur: It would actually be fun to be a trainer's first Pokémon and partner. Going on an adventure with some kid.

5. - Tentacool: I'd feel safe. No one would ever catch me anyway.

6. - Lopunny: I would still be pretty and feminine + having the ability "Cute Charm" would just make it perfect.

7. - Joltik: Being so small, I could probably sneak in everywhere and hide from trainers well.

8. - Litwick: Sucking out the life of everyone. This way, they'll learn not to mess with me.

9. - Skitty: I would feel like Mystery Dungeon all over again. Then I'd only need my Torchic partner.

10. - Noctowl: Because I could fly and be awake all night without feeling bad.
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