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@Xilfer123- Quite a large portion of the army is still around. The reason the Silver Tribe was able to successfully conquer the Alpha Alliance before was that they struck hard, fast, and everywhere almost at once. They came without warning, so the AA was vastly unprepared, and cut off large portions of Valkaria from each other. Cape City and its surrounding villages was the first area conquered, and that effectively cut off Eternity City, Albia, Shine City, and Gravel City from Gold City. Next they conquered each city to the left of Cape, before going for Gold in the end. The Alpha Alliance tried to gather troops together, but the Silver Tribe had done too good of a job separating each of the main cities from each other, and thus weren't able to mount any counterattack in time before Gold City fell and the Silver Tribe proclaimed their conquest of Valkaria. It made matters worse that two of the three Generals of the Alpha Alliance had been captured at this point, crippling their leadership. So the armies had to go into hiding wherever they could, setting up refugee camps and secret bases and trying to gather enough strength for a counterattack.

So that was the main reason that the Silver Tribe beat the Alpha Alliance before. Not as much by numbers as by pre-emptive striking and the opportune moment. Sure, they outnumbered them then, but not by a whole lot. Now, they still technically outnumber them, but Auron hasn't exactly been sending his entire force to protect each of the other cities, giving the Alpha Alliance opportune chances to strike back and reclaim them, as they have done.

But yes, ultimately you're right. The Alpha Alliance army doesn't have the numbers to beat the Silver Tribe force conventionally if the two clashed in full force.

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