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C.J. Styles
Academy Grounds

Well, there is a wide variety of Pokemon on this island. They got them here from every Region, might even be a few you’ve never seen. I’m sure you’ll find so new ones with ease.” C.J. said. Even he was surprised with the amount of Pokemon he saw since his arrival.

Hmm, Raikou dorm huh? As far as C.J. could recall he hadn’t met to many from that dorm. “Honestly, I can’t recall meeting anyone from Raikou. I’m in Suicune myself.” C.J. stated realizing he wasn’t wearing the jacket, must still be in his bag. “The majority of the students are friendly though, I’m sure you’ll get along fine. But, in the mean time, I’m happy to help you out. I don’t have many friends here yet myself.

Even back home C.J. hadn’t had a lot of friends. He didn’t get along well with the kids there. Always had something to prove. “We’re in the same boat really, I never really hung out with a lot either. Some key friends, gotta admit though, it can get lonely sometimes.

As he continued to walk, the dorms came into view. Beautiful buildings, all of them, though you can tell how the care varies between them. Oh well, what can be done about it? Just then Ax popped out of her PokeBall taking form in time to hang from C.J.’s left shoulder. “Feeling better Ax?” “Axew.” she exclaimed excitedly. “This here is Issac and his Turtwig, Trunks. They’re new friends of ours.” C.J. explained reaching up to rub the Axew’s head.
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