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We're in the same boat. I just started to play again. Well, obviously, all Pokemon games are a bit repetitive, You catch Pokemon, battle and train them. And you do the plot. It really depends on how much you are into Pokemon. I would suggest you to follow my path. I am playing side-games that are different, so once I start playing main Pokemon games, it feels like I am playing fresh new games. Or something like that, lol. (You can see more abt that on the page before where I had similar questions)

You should try Pokemon Ranger. I am playing it for the first time right now (Shadows of Almia), and I don't have any complaints.

Pokemon mystery dungeon is great. I would recommend playing new generation, (Explorers of Darkness/Time/Sky, I have Explorers of Darkness which I am going to play after I finish the Pokemon Ranger.

Pokemon conquest, and other spin-off games look pretty good too.

After that you can continue with main Pokemon games. Try Emerald. It's Sapphire extended. It was my first game and I loved it. Try Platinum too, I only played it for few minutes on pc, then decided to wait till I get the console. The feeling is completely different in my opinion. etc.

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