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So, seeing how this is getting closer and closer, lets review what's been said about the PS4, which is likely the reveal for next week! We know its gonna be super powerful, somewhere around 4 gigs of GDDR5 with .5gb allocated for the OS, and the GPU is based on the Southern Islands architecture, but the higher end. DX11+ features included, with an emphasis likely on particle effects and better physics, with the obvious boost in texture resolution. 4 core processor, running at 1.8 teraflops and 800 mhz. That combined with the GDDR5 is gonna make it quite a beast, possible even more then Durango if rumors are true.
Continuing on, recently the controller for the devkit has been revealed, which is looking like a near-final design, with obvious changes to come:

Bumped contrast for those to see it if its too darkthanks to a member called Punkster on NeoGaf)

For those that do not know, that's a touchpad in the middle, not a screen. Why its glass we have no idea. As for that bit on top, the controller likely has move like controls built in, for the new eyetoy to track. Pretty sweet design to boot as well, with a glossy finish to blend in with the glass touchpad, and the handles are probably wider then the DS3s.

So how do we know its the PS4 being revealed you might say. Well, we don't. However, many of the industry insiders have confirmed it, and even MS basically said flat out, Sony don't botch this or you're screwed. Also...
First post is a Playstation news story. They're likely gonna post an evolution video every two days, PS2 tomorrow, PS3 on the 18th, with the Ps4 unveil on the 20th.
Also, I know I said in the DCC I'm likely not going to get a future console as they do not appeal much, and they look to be going in a place where I don't want video games to go, but something tells me Sony's gonna do something right. It just feels like it, you know? We might be wrong and Microsoft might be the one in the end, but their focus on multimedia is not exactly the most promising outlooks on their future consoles. Lets get hyped!

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