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Originally Posted by Galoria View Post
Ohaiii. I had the same conclusions Squeaky! I thought about a female one, because of the Sylphs. Same for the type! To make it balanced and equilibrated, I thought about a male one, but I didn't thought about a ground one d:
No more Triosausage. Let's give a try to the EeveeGround one! D:
But I'm wondering about something. Would it be a unique Fly type? I think it will be the first one to get the unique type of Flying type. Or is it me?
Tornadus is solely Flying so I don't think it's out of the question! It'd be really weird for an eeveelution to be dual-typed but it's also hard to imagine Sylveon just as a Flying type, so who knows what they'll do. That does bring up another question though; what do you guys think of the idea of a dual-typed eeveelution?