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Alright, so after beating Brock, I went through Mt. Moon, still undecided on the matter of getting a Zubat or not. I ended up in Cerulean City without one still, thinking I wouldn't need it. Eventually, though, after beating up Misty - thank you Fearow, you're a goddamn superstar - I started to realize that for the team I wanted to end up with, I needed a Golbat. I blasted through the S.S. Anne, went the long trek through Diglett's Cave, around Pewter City and caught myself a Zubat and grinded, until it evolved. Lt. Surge was surprisingly easy, thanks to Charmeleon. Then I took off like all hell was after me to Lavender Town and got Return for Fearow, got some tea in Celadon City, shared it with some guards, got Psychic for Butterfree in Saffron. Then I threw all my money into the Game Corner, because I want a Dratini now. I ended up having to chase Team Rocket out of there and beat up Erika's ass before I was able to afford a Dratini.

So this is where I am now, and this is my team:


Charizard, lv. 36
Male // Modest // Blaze
- Flamethrower
- Smokescreen
- Wing Attack
- Metal Claw

Golbat, lv. 33
Female // Jolly // Inner Focus
- Bite
- Aerial Ace
- Confuse Ray
- Leech Life

Fearow, lv. 31
Female // Adamant // Keen Eye
- Fly
- Growl
- Pursuit
- Return

Butterfree, lv. 33
Female // Modest // Compoundeyes
- Giga Drain
- Sleep Powder
- Stun Spore
- Psychic

Dratini, lv. 24
Male // Bashful // Shed Skin
- Leer
- Thunder Wave
- Twister
- Dragon Rage
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Imgur gallery with descriptions that I uploaded to reddit.
  • A ton of fakemon, most of which I think are designed and sprited very decently.
  • Built on MrDollSteak's Rombase, which means it includes the physical/special split with visual indicators, the Fairy-type, a ton of new moves, a ton of new abilities and a ton of new items
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  • The repel system of BW2.
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