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Meh. Gave up on Ferrothorn and raised a Tynamo.

I realized that if I went with Ferrothorn I would have absolutely zero coverage against Flying Pokémon, and Ferrothorn doesn't add anything that I need (Jellicent will take care of certain Pokémon for me). Also, I don't have any coverage against Fighting Pokémon, but Jellicent is immune to Fighting and Scolipede has a quad resist. Ferrothorn would've been weak to Fighting, whereas Eelektross is weak to nothing.

Not sure if Haxorus is needed at all, but Dragon hits everything for neutral and Haxorus is a boss anyway, so it might be my general purpose Pokémon.

Also, I'm grossly overleveled... I had a 7 level advantage over Skyla. Didn't even need Tynamo to own her.

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