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Update(I know i said not until Monday/Tuesday, but here I am!)
I have been having a bit of trouble getting a Wurmple to evolve into a Silcoon, so I have been through three(one I evolved into Dustox for the duo(I am a girl, so I think that is how it works..) ) Wurmples so far... haven't beat Roxxane yet.


Leafhunter(Treeko)(Gift) Male Level:12

Duster(Dustox) (Duo) Male Level:10

EDITilkworm(Silcoon)(i forgot, will tell next update) (Attract) Level:7 EDIT: Oy oy oy! I just realized that I cannot use silkworm because he is male, and I am female........... oh and I am on my way to fight Brawly with a detour to get a new Silkworm.........

EDIT:Beat Roxxane! Also I FINALLY got a Silcoon!