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if i could have a run through from using like XSE or PKVSUI (the codes i got) but like offset,and implementing them into the map and game.
And can someone explain why APSE isnt changing my sprites.
I made a recolour, then kept the background to be transparent as the original color
butfor my hack i need normal and shiny(which will what be recolored instead of the normal)
what happens is it creates a white outline of the pikachus body but whatever is dark stays, this is all BEHIND the original pokemon but if i synchronize the palettes instead of update it just goes screy and changes colors but the sprite im changing does change except it devleops blobs,whats the best sprite editing program
Hey guys. Please call me Nathaniel98643, Nate, Nathan, Nath lol i didnt think my username through. Wish i could change it.
A New Pokemon Hack in progress by myself and the help of others.

Pokemon Eos
Hey guys, I think you would enjoy a Pokemon RPG: ,it has all the current pokes. And More!!
Lost of variety of things to do while playing. See how high you can level your poke past 100? Whats the rarest poke you can find!!
Hope to see ya there :D