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LitC Challenge
-After beating Whitney, I got a SquirtBottle and took care of the "tree" problem. Then I arrived to Ecruteak, went to the PokéCenter and I met Bill. I went to visit him in his house in Goldenrod and he gave me an Eevee! I named him Alan, after one of my best friends.
-I headed back to Ecruteak and went into the Dance Theater. A Kimono Girl was being harassed by a Rocket Grunt. I beated him and then went to the Burned Tower. Thre I met a crazy man rambling about 3 legendary Pokémon, and the Gym Leader. But as I was advancing, I encountered Mercury and then battled. It was a piece of cake.
-I headed to the Pokeathlon and played a bit. After I got enough points, I bought a Fire Stone and Alan evolved. I finally went to challenge Morty after that. The battle was a little hard due to Hypnosis, but I still got the Fog Badge.
-Passed through some Routes and I arrived at Olivine City. I met Mercury again, but this time he didn´t battle me. Afterwards, I decided to explore the sea routes first while avoiding the trainers. While I was there, I caught a Chinchou, my next team member. I named him Lucas. After I caught him, I started battling the trainers around, and I eventually went back to Olivine and went up the Lighthouse.
-The Pokémon that gives light to the Lighthouse was sick, and I had to ge some medicine. I crossed the sea again, and I arrived in Cianwood. Before picking up the medicine, I went to Chuck´s Gym. Paula beat both of his Pokémon easily, and I got the Storm Badge. Afterwards, I went to the Cianwood Pharmacy and picked up the medicine for Amphy. But before leaving, I explored Cianwood a bit, and I met Suicine again, but it escaped. Then the crazy man-or simply Eusine-challenged me, and I beat him.
-After getting back to Olivine and giving the medicine to Amphy, Jasmine was ready to challenge me... But I wasn´t. So I decided to grind a little bit. While I was grinding, Lucas evolved. After that, I went to challenge Jasmine. Alan took care of both Magnemites, and Lucas took care of Steelix. I got the Mineral Badge.

The Rockin Team of Love:

The Gift

Lloyd (Togetic) | Male | Level 31
Item: None

The Valentine

Alan (Flareon) | Male | Level 31
Item: Soothe Bell

The Attraction

Lucas (Lanturn) | Male | Level 31
Item: None

The Duo

Pippi (Butterfree) | Female | Level 31
Item: None

The Flower

Paula (Bayleef) | Female | Level 31
Item: Miracle Seed

Badge Case:

...Geez, I stop updating for some days but many people already finished this. D:
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