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This might sound a little weird but Chrome's slow as hell on my PC. So I use Firefox. Haven't had many problems with it so far and it works pretty decently as far as speed is concerned. So yeah. As for search engine, I use what most usually go with - Google.
Hi people, Schinder here. I'm a friendly user who likes to talk to people. I'm into graphics so you'll probably see me running around with various themes that'll be changed on a frequent basis. As you can probably guess from my theme, I really, really love One Piece. And Boa Hancock is a really nice character from the series so I thought I'd make a theme on her. So yes, my current theme is based on One Piece world's best looking woman 'Boa Hancock'. She's a character who is proud of her exquisite beauty and doesn't really care what others think. Once she has decided she'd do something, she's gonna do it. She doesn't take no for an answer. Nothing can stop her. Arrogance is a signature feature of her personality. But yes, what makes her awesome is that she's a strong warrior who kicks serious ass.
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