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Recruiting a Team Member
Team name: ChaoticInfinity Development
Team Leader: Myself, DerxwnaKapsyla
Current Members:
  • Mugendai - Graphical Artist (Case-by-case basis)
  • Kaena - Graphical Artist
Current Game title: Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version
Current progress made: The first demo was released back on January 2nd, 2013. it went up to Pewter City before ending. The current unreleased version, going up to the Kanto Power Plant, is at Vermilion City, which is roughly halfway through this release.
Position(s) needed:
  • Experienced RGSS Scripters, 1 month knowledge minimum , but exceptions may be made if you don't plan to stay on the project. Proof of skill must be shown.
  • Spriters, mostly ones that can do overworlds. Proof of skill must be shown.
  • Tileset Crafter, or whatever the position would be called. Must be able to craft certain tiles for certain situations. Proof of skill must be shown.
Timezone: I live on Eastern Standard Time (GMT - 5:00), and am normally available between the times of 4 PM EST to 10 AM EST. However, I can easily respond to messages if you are not within that timeframe upon returning to being available.
Preferred Method of contact:
  • Skype: DerxwnaKapsyla
  • Tumblr:
  • IRC Server: Server Name: / Channel name: #ChaoticInfinity (Requires an IRC Client to connect, e.g: mIRC, XChat, Mibbit)
Link to your active PC thread: Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version Pokecommunity Thread
Additional info: The Scripter is badly needed for some things. A few features are critical to game progression, and I don't think I can continue the game past a certain point until I have those things scripted. I do not plan to enforce strict or heavy deadlines on a person, only require that they get the requested things done before I release the next version. I will prod the person for the things every once in a while, but not say that it needs to be done by a certain day. I do not require the person to be overly familiar with the Touhou Project series, but it will help in the long term for when certain things are needed.
Development Blog:
For more information future news and updates to any projects, the following blogs are where I post information. You can usually hit me with a message there when it comes to bug reports or feedback, or general conversation about something.
Game Projects:
In Progress:
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