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Thrid update did a lot here and grinded for at least a good hour

-defeted team galactic at eterna city
-got to hearthome city
-defeted fantina and got my 3rd badge
-got to veilstone city and got my 4th badge
-defeted Maylene
-grinded a lot Ape evolved into Infernape
-Quacky evolved into Golduck
-got to Pastoria city
-defeted Crasher Wake and got my 5th badge
-chased the galactic grunt and defeted him
-got to Celestic town
-defeted Cyrus at the ruins

Infernape(Ape) Lv41
-close combat
-mach punch
-flame wheel

Golduck (Quacky) Lv41
-Rock smash

Bunneary(Bunneh) Lv40
-dizzy punch
-jump kick