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Age: 20
Gender: Female
Nature: Quirky
Name: Layla (It's my real name, so..)

Rival: Andrew (The name of one of my best friends)

- Serperior = Junior (Because I chose another Snivy in White that I nicknamed "Senior")
- Bisharp = Stalfos (It's the occurring skeleton-enemies in the Zelda games)
- Sawsbuck = Mido (An annoying Kokiri boy in the Ocarina of Time/Zelda game)
- Gigalith = Knuckle (Correctly it's "Iron Knuckle". It's the occurring iron knights in the Zelda games)
- Glaceon = Wolfos (It's the occurring wolf-enemies in the Zelda games)
- Octillery = Octorok (It's the occurring red octopus enemies in the Zelda games)
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