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Ahhh. What the heck. Sign me up!

Name: Heretostay123, or HTS
Pair: Regular
Bio: I don't like talking about me, so I will say what's up. I'm 15, I'm from 'Murica. I play guitar. I enjoy punk music, and a bit of metal. I'm a bit lonely, so yeah. I like the Roleplay Corner. I live there, except I'm confined to the mobile app at the moment. I love Pokemon, LoZ, playing guitar, watching the old pokemon movies, and putting myself down to make others feel good. I'm average 360 degrees. (All the way around)
Awkward, Guitarist, Creative, Can you say strange?

Hope all goes well...haha

I also edited a bit after reviewing other's stuff.
"This world truly is the best!" -Yoshi
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