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Originally Posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher View Post
Ok, I figured since some of us have already kinda logging our progress I'll do a quick little log.

I'm on Chapter 10

Only Chrom and my avatar have full support

I have not advanced or changed any ranks

Casulties/Retires: Valke, Miriel, Virion, Gregor.

I've acquired Mist,Florina, Erika, and Ameilia (though I don't use them) I have 410 renown

I'm really sad about losing Gregor, I lost him by complete accident, and he's the only character that's died so far that I actually liked, the rest of them were on my low tier (I really disliked Virion and Miriel, so it was kinda ironic they died together in the same mission).

My streetpass team includes: My Avatar, Chrom, Frederick, Sully, Stahl, Kelfam, Lon'qu, Nowi, Libra, and Tharja
If your avatar a girl? If not, then you should really pair Chrom with one of the girls because if he's not paired with anyone after chapter 12, he'll automatically be paired with Sumia. (Since she has highest priority)

I've already finished the game actually. Normal was much too easy. (Donnel was pretty much invincible, lol) Felt like a lot of time was actually spent recruiting the children.

I think the game is definitely on par with FE7. FE4 did the whole marriage/children thing a lot better, and the story was much more impactful in my mind. Everything else though was excellent. My only critique is the limited customization choices for your unit.