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Hello, I firstly started this challenge on FireRed a long time ago, but due to my computer dying on me last year, I never managed to finish it.
Now that I have a brand new laptop, I'm going to start a new challenge instead, on rijonadventures!
So please disregard totally my old challenge submission, thanks!
Username: Griever7x
Game: rijonadventures
Rules: Heal 5 times per pokecenter, buy 5 times per pokemart.

First update!
I chose bulbasaur at the start, defeated my rival, then quickly did the standard parcel delivering and got my 5 pokeballs. I then headed to the merson cave, where the first pokemon I found was... drums rolling... a lv3 Zubat! I had no doubt I'd find Zubat in a cave, and I'm pretty happy about it, cause I love this lil vampire's last evolution! Surviving the cave though, was a real challenge, but luckily I found a reliable way to farm by only defeating the wild Paras with Leech Life. Oh I forgot, of course I released Bulbasaur. Ahead in the cave I found some tough opposition in the form of Team Rocket, the most notable pokemon was a nasty Houndour lv10! I defeated it with only 3 hp remaining, he suicided thanks to my Zubat's Supersonic! Delving deeper into the cave, I found two fossils lying below a water source: the dome and helix fossils. I chose the dome fossil, but I won't revive it. I then had to fight my way out of the cave against a lv10 Butterfree, which proved to be even tougher than the Houndour, thanks to its Confusion, but I managed to defeat it with Supersonic again. Phew! Finally some light again. I find myself in the Merson Pass now, and proceed to capture my second Pokemon! It's a Meowth! Sweet, sweet. His Pickup ability will be pretty neat!
My team:
Vampiric, lv14 Zubat
Felid, lv11 Meowth