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Welcome, Cid!! Happy to have you here cx

Some of the newer games do seem like... their ideas have run dry, but some of them are just so amazing. I have the newest one (A New Beginning for 3DS) and it is just sooo amazing. The characters have so much more developed personalities than in the previous games where they just repeated the dialogue. They added a lot of Animal Crossing traits too, like the ability to move things around and you build the entire village from scratch - you like build and place the benches, street lamps, roads, etc.

They do get a little confusing sometimes because the newest games have added irrigation systems and are little more confusing with the fertilizer... But they have tons of guides online to help, and there's a bigger variety in crops and livestock.

You should totally pick up one of the newer games if you have the chance/system and such, they are totally worth it *u*