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Mana Murasaki
The Espeon girl
At the Cafetaria

Kilik apologized for not knowing she had it rough but… why would he apologize for that? It's not like he can read minds, right? Mana showed a smile to show it was alright, but still choosed to say it as well. "Don't worry, it's not like you could've known." Mana ate the remaining fish on her plate. Yes… fish… her favorite food and not because she was partly Espeon, she liked fish since she was very small.

Kilik asked her what Pokémon she hoped to get. To be honest, there were many she liked…"Uhm… I would like a Leafeon… and a growlite… and a Zorua…" Mana started her list. "A Poochyena would be nice too." Mana moved her hand to her cheek. "I like cat, fox and wolf-like Pokémon a lot." Mana said at the end when she was finally finished.

"What about you?" Mana asked him as she putted her empty plate on a table, getting herself something to drink. Fox was trying to get attention from Kilik by circling around his legs. He obviously wanted to be patted.

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