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1) a little program called SMCA will help you.

2)for cave exits where the doorway is facing up (meaning you walk down to get out) the tile just above the door way needs have warp capabilities in its behavior, and the warp needs to be placed on it. There are two floor tiles that look the same. One is just your standard floor tile while the second has warp properties.

For emerald, the block (tile) # for a normal cave floor in title set 19 is block 201. The block # for a warp tile is block 207. If you want to see how this works or to check for other warp-able blocks, open up the block editor and look at its behavior data.

Block numbers can be found in the bottom lefthand corner of Amap when you hover over a particular block.

3) I can't see a picture, and that is because you need 15 posts to post pictures. My best guess is that there is green-s-tile on the ground in the events tab where you stepped. Delete it.

Good luck and welcome to the rom hacking forum
1) That does not work for me for some reason.
2) Ohh, I changes the tiles for warp properties, but i tested it, it still doesn't work.
3) there isn't anything like that, its just a regular tile that does it, and its every so often.
4) Now when i start it up, after the van, it goes black and wont start.