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ok... so in fire red after you beat Blaine and you head outside... bill apraoches you and talks to you... I cant find that script...
he then says the boat has arrived (i can find that) and you take the boat to one island and go thru the dock (found it) throught one isle (found that script too) and into the pokecenterlab thing(easy to find) then... you go on a task and when its done you return to the pokecenter where bill tells celio boodbye (not hard to find) then you walk out and down thru one island... (missing script) and DOWN thru the dock (also not around) and you return to cinnibar island where bill tells you goodbye... I cant find this script either...

most of these should be level scripts but they are just not on advance map... I really only need the one where you are on cinnabar after the event where bill tells you goodbye... but its still odd that I cant find the rest of those events.