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Originally Posted by Venitardus View Post
Hi there and welcome to PC!
Gen II has to be one of my top 3 favorite generations of all. I like it because it is the sequal to generation 1, which was beast, but i do have to say gen 3 is, and always be, my most favorite generation.
If you want to know/learn about hacking, we do have a forum about hacking.
I used to own SSBB too. I mainly used DK and Kirby as my main 2 characters. Other characters i was good with was Zelda/Shiek, Wolf, Metaknight, Peach, Bowser, Wario, Lucario, and the Pokemon Trainer. I also have Pokemon Snap and play it from time to time. Anyway, if you need anything, you can contact me anytime
Thanks for the warm welcome!

I made a new thread in the Emulation section, but I think it's in the wrong location and a moderator had to approve of it anyways. I posted in the spinoff section about it too.

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